3 Reasons to Choose Star Brite Boat Wash & Wax

Are you searching for the best boat wash for your sailboat?

With many boat washes claiming to be the best, we completely understand how it can get frustrating to choose the best cleaner for your sailboat. And with boat cleaners playing a crucial role in the longevity and appearance of your sailboat, we understand this is an important decision.

Fortunately, Star Brite Boat Wash & Wax has been tested and proven to offer the best possible result when it comes to keeping your boat clean, fresh, and in good condition. This eco-friendly cleaning product was carefully formulated to efficiently remove dirt and stains such as fish blood, oil, bird droppings, grease stains, salt, and tree sap.

Irrespective of the type of stain, Star Brite Concentrated Boat Wash will not only remove the stain but also leave behind a durable, glossy shine together with a polymer coating that helps to repel future dirt and stains.

Even more, it was designed to work perfectly on virtually every surface including fiberglass, plastic, canvas, brightwork, windows, vinyl, and painted surfaces.

Not convinced yet?

Check out why Star Brite Boat Wash & Wax is your best bet.

Why Choose Star Brite Boat Wash & Wax


The first and most important reason (at least in my opinion) is that the product is 100% biodegradable. With the adverse effect of pollution already staring us in the face, going green is no longer optional. This cleaning product ensures you do not add to the increasing pollution.

Leaves No Residue Behind

The typical boat cleaner is known to leave behind some residue. That is not the case with Star Brite. Once applied to a surface, it ensures the surface stays sparkling clean with no residues whatsoever.

Offers Double Protection

This is yet another reason I prefer the Star Brite Concentrated Boat Wash to other products. Besides effectively removing unsightly stains and dirt, this product offers double protection to your boat. First, it contains no noxious chemical or acid that could harm your boat. And it also leaves behind a polymer coating to repel future dirt and stains. Just what your sailboat needs!

How to Use Star Brite Boat Wash & Wax

Simply dilute 3 capfuls in a bucket of water and stir until it forms a rich foam. Then your boat wash is ready for use. Like basic washing, you could use a sponge, brush or soft fiber to apply the formula on any dirt surface.

Thereafter, you are required to rinse the surface with water and allow it to dry. The end result is a sparkling surface free of all forms of dirt and stains.