Best New Sailboats to Live Aboard in 2020

Choosing a sailboat to live on involves a variety of choices and can be a very personal thing. We’ve put together a list of 5 of the best new sailboat to live aboard. But take this with a grain of salt, and go out there and test the sailboats yourself!

5 New Sailboats to Live Aboard

Amel 50

This sailboat is an absolute masterpiece of the Amel yard. She is the little sister of the Amel 60, that is very similar but has three cabins instead of two.

The boat has a sloop rigging with a roll-up mainsail, one roll-up self-tacking jib, and a roll-up 105% genoa.  

The Amel flag is the very well protected cockpit, and this boat represents this very well.

She has a hardtop that covers all the cockpit and in the bow part of the cockpit, there is the helm with all the electronics systems. The helmsman is situated on a very comfortable chair.

Under the cockpit, there is a very large engine room with the engine, the generator and all the systems of the boat. This is a very important thing when you live full time on a boat: if you have to replace something (for example the generator) you have to do it in a simple way, you don’t have to disassemble your boat! Under the stairs that bring you in the large and very comfortable dinette with the chat table on the left. The bow cabin has a double bed and a bathroom. The kitchen is located in the corridor from the dinette to the stern cabin, which is the master suite and is full of accessories (dishwasher, freezer…). The master suite is in the stern part of the boat, and it is really spacious and it also has a private bathroom.

The Amel 50 is the symbol of easy sailing: all the furling systems are electric, all the winches are electric and one of the two jibs is self-tacking.

If you have a lot of money ($850,000 – $1,100,000) this is the sailboat for you

Garcia Exploration 45

The Garcia Exploration 45 is the entry level of the Garcia Yachts centerboard lineup dedicated to sailing seas around the world, whether high-latitude or tropical. The yacht is made of aluminium. With twin rudders, the control in high waves is simply exceptional.

All sailing maneuvers are grouped together in the cockpit, which is particularly well protected by its innovative cap with a view forward. Moving around on deck remains particularly safe, with handrails always within reach and sturdy granny bars.  This allows for easy access to the forward sail locker, separated from the rest of the interior by a watertight bulkhead, the ideal complement to the aft technical room.

Inside, the audacity of the layout quickly becomes convincing, with the intelligence of the solutions provided. The deck saloon offers an unexpected panoramic view of the sea: the privilege of comfortably enjoying the exceptional landscapes that surround you.

Only two steps from the outside, you are welcomed into a real terrace on the sea (the living room).

In the saloon there is an interior helm station (the controller of autopilot and motor) with a panoramic view, large galley, two cabins, and as many bathrooms, one with a separate shower, a large technical room with workshop (or a third cabin), there is nothing missing.

The boat has a centerboard that can be used to reduce the draft and to enter a secret bay.

The boat has sloop rigging with a roll-up mainsail and a roll-up 105% genoa.

If you have a lot of money ($600,000 – $800,000) this is the boat for you!

Halberg Rassy 40C

The Halberg Rassy 40c is the new generation of the bluewater cruiser Halberg Rassy shipyard. This sailboat is completely different from the others of the shipyard, we can also say that is different from all the other boats. A large center cockpit with a lot of space in the interior on a 40ft boat is quite incredible: on other boats of the same length with the central cockpit, the interior living space is approximately a half of the one of this yacht.

Let’s start our tour from the hull. When we jump on the boat from the stern we find a bathing platform that can be folded on the hull. The boat has two rudders to steer better when there is a strong wind.

The stern part of the boat has two large lockers and a window that lights the master suite. In the cockpit, there is a large wheel with a dashboard with the electronics and the buttons for the electric winches. The cockpit is well protected with a semirigid sprayhood and for optional it is possible to have a hard dodger.

In the dinette inside there is a large table for 6/8 people and on starboard, there are two large armchairs, for optional it is possible to have a sofa in the place of the two armchairs. In the bow cabin, there is a double bad and a lot of lockers and the head (the only one) of the boat with also a washing machine. On the starboard side, there is also a very large kitchen with also a microwave and a dishwasher. The master suite is in the back and it has a double bed and a little sofa. The cabin has also a lot of lockers and access to a very big engine room.

If you have $400,000 – $550,000 this is the boat for you!

Moody 41 Deck Saloon

The Moody DS 41 sailboat is made by the shipyard Moody Yachts which is part of the Hanse Yacht group.

The distinctive sign of this Moody 41ds is the decksaloon, that provides protection against the wind and the waves. Inside the saloon there is a very large kitchen and a comfortable table and sofa, downstairs there is a large master suite, under the saloon a guest’s cabin and a bathroom. One option is to have another bathroom, instead of a working space.

Under the saloon there is also the engine room and a large storage space.

Outside there is a large well-protected cockpit with two helm stations. You can walk around the cockpit with two very safe and large passage that brings you to the bow part of the boat, here you find a large chain locker and a little sofa to observe the dolphins.

The boat has a 83 m^2 of sails with a sloop rig with a self tacking jib.

If you have $550,000 – $650,000 this is the boat for you!

Outremer 51

The Outremer 51 is a high-performance cruising catamaran that is able to bring you all over the world, it is available also in the 5X version, made with carbon fiber.

This catamaran has narrow hulls to improve its performance. But, consequently, the space in the cabin is as much as the space on a Lagoon, but remember that you are on a performance catamaran, not on a cruise ship. One of the distinctive signs of Outremer is the possibility to steer the boat with a triller from the back of the hulls. In the cockpit, we find a very large table with some sofas, in the back of the cockpit there is the dingy crane, that is covered with solar panels.

In the saloon, there is a large kitchen, and also a very large and comfortable sofa with the table. In the saloon we find also the navigation station, from here you can also steer the boat with the autopilot controller. The catamaran is available in two different cabins layout, three or four cabins. In the first version, the master suite has a completely private hull with a large bathroom, on the other side, there are two guest cabins with a bathroom. In the second version, both hulls have two cabins and one large bathroom (like in the guest hull in the first version)

The rigging is a sloop with a full-batten mainsail and a roll up 105% genoa.

If you have a lot of money ($750,000 – $950,000) this is the boat for you!