Sailboat Manufacturer: Chantiers Amel

For more than fifty years, Amel Yachts has maintained a standard that is yet to be matched by any other sailboat manufacturer in the world. The tag of quality and finesse are commonly known to be found in Amel yachts and have kept them on board and in business. The company, before anything else, ensures that safety, purpose, quality, and luxury is crafted into all their sailboats.

The History of Amel Yachts

Henri Amel was born on 16th April, and as he grew into a young lad, he was always fascinated by the joy of sailing. As he grew into his twenties, he began to build yachts in Paris but was later called up for war. During his service, Amel noticed that the floating caissons used by invading Allied naval forces in France relied on polyester resin construction. This would later influence the way he would construct his sailboats. 

Amel’s first sailboat was the super mistral 23. It was built in Marseille at a failed shipyard that Amel had taken over. Even though the business failed at first, the super mistral 23 was a huge success. After this first trial, Amel merged with another sailboat manufacturer, where he built sailboats in their shipyard at La Rochelle. 

It was later in 1965 that Amel decided to break off on his own, after acquiring a new shipyard; that was the birth of Chantiers Amel. Unfortunately, in 1967, tragedy struck when a huge fire burnt down the newly acquired shipyard to the ground. It was a slight setback for the young company, but in 1973, it was rebuilt.

Amel Sailboat Models

The rebuilt shipyard worked hard to manufacture the fiberglass ketches, which included a series of different sailboat models, such as the Amel 54, the Mango, and the Super Maramu. Also, the shipyard constructed smaller sloop and ketch style sailboats, such as the Euros, Kirk, Maramu, Sharki, and Fango. Henri designed all these models and some designs that were abolished along the line.

Chantiers Amel was known for the standard of manufacturing one model at a time, but, in 2010, Amel Yachts decided to step up their effort, and design both the Amel 55 and the Amel 64 flagship.

Amel 60

Amel 60 is a new brand in the Espien oino design, and it is a limited edition. This yacht is a cruising sailboat with a raised pilothouse. The 60-meter superyacht with top-notch technology is the first set of a new series of superyachts. After three years of research and development, the company renewed and improved innovative naval architecture designs. In addition, there was the installation of exclusive and stylish exterior designs by Espien.

The Amel 60’s maximum speed is 15.5 knots, can hold up to 12 crew plus captain, and 12 guests. Range of about 13.0 knots, 4500 nautical miles. Her beam overall at full hull is 10.40 meters, and Draught at full load is 3.35 meters.

Amel 50

This sailboat was designed to offer simplicity and pleasure to the fullest. It’s intended use was to cruise the ocean, race, and enjoy the interior cockpit deck layout, all built with fiberglass. The Amel 50 is a little beyond the usual, but still maintains the fundamentals of the brand. This sailboat was designed to be simple, safe, and easy to use. This Amel yacht will serve every purpose.