Sailboat Manufacturer: Tartan Yachts

It is needless to say that Tartan Yachts have set a long-standing record when it comes to quality craftsmanship and high performance in a yacht. Most sailboats owners will agree that Tartan Yachts deliver a sailboat that exceeds expectations and excels in terms of performance, safety, and luxury. The success of Tartan Yachts is a product of diligence, Innovation through the progressive use of resourceful engineers, continuous innovation, and establishment of new standards and performance. 

The History of Tartan Yachts

The Tartan Creed began when Ray McLeod Sr. in 1941 purchased the Grand River Boat Works. In 1946, he partnered with Gordon “Sandy” Douglass, and that partnership introduced the Thistle one-design sailboat which later gave birth to Douglass & McLeod Inc. After about ten years, in 1957, McLeod bought out Douglas, and three years later a new partnership was formed with Charlie Britton in 1960, which introduced the Tartan 27 auxiliary. Series of ownerships happened later on, then in 1990, the company was purchased by Polk industries which changed the name of the company to Fairport Yachts. As of April 2020, Seattle Yachts International acquired three Brands of the 60-year old boat manufacturer; Tartan Sailing Yachts, Legacy Downeast Yachts, and AMP, all under the Tartan-Legacy manufacturing operation. 

Tartan Yachts offers a balance of performance and cruising luxury. And this is unique to Tartan. The performance class is actually of an unusually high standard and that’s what makes Tartan Yachts so great. Tartan sailboats for sale must excel in performance metrics, elegance, and luxury.

Tartan Sailboat Models

The Tartan sailboats for sale out there span different models and each offering its unique features although every Tartan sailboat model is engineered to provide every Tartan owner with high-quality performance, hand-crafted interiors, and innovative design that are unique to Tartan Yachts. For instance, Tartan 5300 was built for great performance with easy handling while Tartan 4700 is the result Of Tartan’s ability to offer personalized product ranges. Furthermore, Tartan 4300 is known for its classic style built with advanced materials. Tartan 4000, on the other hand, has the latest performance cruising features while Tartan 345 is built for strength, safety, and excellent speed, and Tartan Fantail is known for its classic good looks.

Tartan 5300

If you’re looking for style, execution, systems, and performance features then this Tartan model has everything you’re looking for. With it’s distinguishing drop-down transom door, this model was designed by Tim Jackett, a naval architect who built the model to its quality. The model boasts of leading lamination techniques in the boat manufacturing industry owing to its hull and deck composites that deliver the strongest, lightest and safest in the industry. Furthermore, the Tartan 5300 is designed as a cruising boat for sailors that appreciate performance at depths to 46.5 feet of waterline and a displacement to length ratio of 165 deliver impressive daily passages and rewarding sailing characteristics. Lastly, Tartan 5300 is elegantly tapered for attractiveness and weight savings.

Tartan 4700 

This Tartan model offers all the flexibility that is required of a sailboat. You can configure it to have all the comfort and features you would need to call it home.

Most sailors believe that Tartan 4700’s design stems from the Tim Jackett’s (and his team) willingness to embrace a host of flexible options such as satisfying a sailor’s wish for something in between the other two big boats in the Tartan range, the 4300 and 5300. The Tartan 4700 boasts of a carbon-fiber mast, twin headsails, and a self-tending, hydraulically furled jib rolled out and the main set, the Edson rack-and-pinion steering. The Tartan 4700 offers a CCR Rig, an optional Leisure Furl™ Boom which offers a highly efficient in-boom furling system and also a safe and simple method of reefing and controlling the mainsail. In terms of stability, the Tartan 4700 offers excellent sail carrying ability, a high range of positive stability and a sea kindly motion offshore.

 Tartan 4300

Tartan 4300 promises the sweetest sailing ride among all the other Tartan sailboats. This is attributed to its unique styling and well-positioned hull and rig system designed to deliver the best cruising performance. The Tartan 4300 features low CG keels that are designed for great stability and sail carrying ability, and a carbon mast and Pocket Boom that is extremely stiff and strong. In terms of stability, the Tartan 4300 provides a hull design of full and flat aft quarters and carefully sculpted and balanced volume to produce a yacht that is easily driven and powerful for maximum performance

Tartan 4000

Tartan 4000 is well known for its lightweight rig which provides the opportunity to sail singlehandedly and yet instill confidence in your crew. The Cruise Control Rig (CCR) is not left out in Tartan 4000. This includes a carbon fiber mast (to save weight aloft) with aft-swept double spreaders, a split backstay, a self-tacking 100% jib on a Solent stay and a 155% genoa on a furler. It features wide decks, tight sheeting angles, and easy to sail with zero fear factor. There a lot to say about Tartan 4000. It’s one of the most beautiful boats out there for those who desire an elegant and solid feeling sailboat.

Tartan 345

The Tartan 345 is widely praised for its leading and advanced construction techniques. Furthermore, this sailboat embraces the elegance, and strengths of its predecessors. In terms of aesthetics, the Tartan 345 delivers plush accommodations accentuated by carbon mast and boom, a mainsail that raises and drops from its cocoon with a roller furling, and a self-tacking 100% jib that defines simplicity. Finally, you get to enjoy maximum sailing features because of its integrated fully-battened Dacron mainsail with Sunbrella sail cover.

Tartan Fantail

If you’re looking for a Tartan Yacht that extends a vintage feeling experience with their remarkable traditional interiors and a feeling of luxury then Tartan Fantail should be your first choice. Some believe that Tartan Fantail is the most interesting development of Time Jackett’s design. Tartan Fantail has an electric motor that is powered by two 4D AGM batteries and a third Group 27 battery which powers onboard systems such as accessories like running lights, reading lights, and electronics. The design offers a mixed feeling of traditional good looks of superior antique with a modern fin keel, spade rudder configuration under the water. The keel is fitted with a lead ballast bulb that lowers the boat’s center of gravity and improves stiffness so it will stand up to a blow and sail at low heeling angles. The design of the hill is such that you can comfortably sit in the boat on bunks below the deck without bumping your head on the fittings. The Fantail is one of the finest new boats in the Tartan series.