Sailing to Block Island

Only a 10-mile run from Point Judith, Block Island is a go-to option for any sailor who looks to have a fun sail and a great weekend staying on the sailboat.

Can’t wait to head out, right? Here are a few things you should know before sailing off to Block Island for the weekend.

Harbormaster: Website | Email | Phone Number | VHF CH12

New Harbor Docking & Mooring

Getting a Slip at New Harbor

This is the most expensive option, but you will appreciate the convenience that comes along with docking at Block Island Marina, Champlin’s, or Payne’s Dock.

Each marina option has its perks. For starters, you get great music and two bars at Payne’s Dock. But for the best mudslides, you will have to roll over to Champlin’s.

Mooring in New Harbor

Grabbing a mooring in New Harbor is delivered on a first come, first serve basis. So, no reservation allowed in here. A few pointers to keep in mind is the price. According to New Shoreham’s official site, Moorings can be rented at $45 per night and can accommodate vessels up to 50 feet. You are also required to pay a 50 cent landing fee.

Another important tip is to keep an eye out for private moorings. Although most of them are owned by the town, there are a few private ones you should totally avoid. Be sure to look for Public Moorings Buoys.

Anchoring in New Harbor

This is actually my personal favorite option. It is pretty simple and totally free. However, you must note the designated areas to anchor. For example, you cannot anchor on the mooring field. So, that is a no-go area. Follow the marked buoys to find the safe Anchor Zone.

There is a Launch Service to ferry you to shore from your sailboat. From your sailboat, call them via VHF on channel 68. They will respond with an estimated time to pick up. Stay alert and flag them down when you see them. To get back to your sailboat, meet at the dropoff point, and wait for a ferry to arrive, they work on a schedule.

Launch Service: VHF CH68

  • Adults cost $4 each way
  • Children cost $3 each way
  • Bikes cost $2 each way
  • Dogs must be on a leash and curbed at all times.
  • No propane or fuel tanks permitted on board.

Things to do in Block Island

What fun things are there to do on the Island? Good question! Here are the must-see sites.

Try Great Restaurants

Block Island has unbelievable restaurants. Looking to sit outside and enjoy some food and drinks? Check out The Oar. Looking for more of a pub feel with music? Head down to Poor People’s Pub. Want a great mudslide? See if the mudslide at The National Hotel beats Champlin’s!

Hit the Bars

Your visit to Block Island is incomplete without making a stop at any of these highly-lauded bars – Payne’s Dock, Champlin’s, and The Oar.

Soak in Some Fun

Besides the great restaurants and bars, you need to soak in some fun before leaving the Island. Rent a moped and bike around the island, visit a beach, or go to the Mohegan Bluffs. Whatever rocks your boat! Okay, I mean that figuratively.