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Selling a Sailboat quickly, and for top dollar, requires a bit of work on the part of the seller, but is worth the extra effort once the sailboat sells. Between taking good pictures, pricing the boat correctly and exposing your boat to the correct audience, your sailboat listing is a critical step in the selling process. In order to prepare your listing correctly and sell your sailboat quickly, we have organized 5 tips to help you sell your sailboat.

1. Prepare Your Sailboat

Before you begin taking pictures and selling your sailboat, prep your sailboat! First and foremost, clean the entire boat. A clean boat will look much better in pictures as well as when a buyer comes to view the sailboat. Go through all storage areas, throw out everything that shouldn't be passed on to the buyer, then note everything that will be passed on to the buyer! These additional accessories can bring added value to your sailboat!

2. Take Good Pictures.

This step is a no-brainer. No one looks at sailboat listings that do not have pictures. Few people will look at a listing that has poor quality pictures. If your listing does catch someones attention, they will most likely ask for additional pictures, anyway. So our recommendation is to go out to your sailboat on a nice sunny day, snap a few pictures on your iPhone of all the essentials. Make sure the pictures are clear and focused. Focus on the sailboat, don't include a lot of background.

3. Price Your Sailboat Correctly

Again, you will not sell a sailboat that is over-priced. It is very important to do some market research when selling your sailboat. Browse our sailboat listings and see what similar sailboats are selling for. Browse your make, model and year to determine the average market rate for your sailboat. Don't be afraid to ask a broker their opinion, they can help you pick a realistic selling price.

4. Include ALL the Details

The more thorough and detailed the description in your sailboat listing ad, the better your chances of selling your sailboat quickly. Wouldn't you want to know everything about the sailboat you are buying? The more information the better, and fewer questions you will have to answer later! Take some time and list everything you know about your sailboat in the description and condition description sections.

5. Share Your Listing on Your Social Media

Although Sailboat Finder and other sailboat listing services are browsed by sailors and boaters worldwide, sharing your listing on social media will help bring exposure to your listing. Your social media feeds are full of hundreds to thousands of local friends and family who can share your listing with someone they know who may be interested or looking for a sailboat. In addition, using hashtags such as #SailboatFinder, #Sailing or #Sailboat will allow your listing to be categorized under those hashtags for anyone browsing them worldwide.

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