Frequently Asked Sailing Questions

Over the years, We have received a ton of questions about sailing. We thought we would take the time and address some of these frequently asked sailing questions.

Is Sailing Hard?

This has got to be the most commonly asked question about sailing. People usually want to know how difficult the process would be before stepping into the waters – and for good reasons.

To answer the question, We would say, like every other thing in life, your approach determines whether it will be difficult or easy. With a skilled instructor, you will discover that sailing is not only simple but actually fun.

Is Sailing Expensive?

Although owning a sailboat can be pretty expensive, sailing itself is not as expensive. Think about it, you are using the wind to move! However, the cost of the sailboat is usually the barrier-to-entry for most sailors. We suggest getting a pre-owned or used sailboat to cut back on cost. Also, there are a ton of management programs and local clubs that help to supply equipment and materials. Clubs could go a long way to help drive down the cost.

Is Sailing Safe?

Yes! Of course, sailing comes with its fair share of risk. No one can dispute that. In fact, it is taunted as a very risky hobby. The reality is that sailing is actually twice as safe as a car. But what is life without risk, right? Each time you sit behind the wheel of your car or stand in front of a stove to prepare a meal, you are taking a life-threatening risk. However, that doesn’t stop you from doing these things. With a foolproof plan to mitigate this risk and the completion of a boaters safety course, you should have nothing to worry about.

What is a Sailboat?

Commonly known as a sailing boat, a sailboat is a boat propelled either partially or entirely by sails. Sailboats come in different many types such a sloop, cutter, catamaran, or multihull.

How to Buy a Sailboat

The first step to buying a sailboat is knowing which sailboat is best for you. There are a ton of factors that affects this decision. For starters, you have to decide whether you need a new or pre-used sailboat. Your budget should make that decision a lot easier. That said, you also have to consider other factors such as the design, use, location, condition, and your experience and aspirations.

Where to Buy a Sailboat

Choosing where to buy a sailboat depends totally on you. There are a number of new boat manufacturers you can buy from. Or, you can choose to buy a used sailboat directly from a private seller. At Sailboat Finder, we connect private sailboat sellers with buyers through used sailboat listings. Browse through our used sailboat listings and contact the seller directly to complete the purchase.