How To Prepare A Sailboat For The Winter

With winter on its way, it’s about that time to prepare your sailboat for winter storage. However, keeping your sailboat safe is not as easy as yanking it along and hauling it into some vessel storage center…or in your garden. Let’s take a look at some winter storage tips you should consider when preparing your sailboat for the winter.

How To Store Sails

To prepare your sails for the winter, it’s a good idea to spray them down with water and brush off any dirt or grime. Once your sails are clean, let them dry in your garage or in a place that doesn’t receive too much sunlight, UV rays can be harmful to nylon or dacron. This would also be a great time to make any repairs to your sails, to reduce the time it takes to get in the water in the spring! Once your sails are clean and repaired, store your sails in a place that won’t be susceptible to rodents.

Where To Store Sailboat

While many sailors may opt to have the boatyard handle their winterization and winter storage, storing your sailboat in your backyard is just as common and much less expensive! If you have the room, consider a metal boat port. For the price of winter storage at a boatyard, you can have your own covered storage and work area!

Here are some benefits of having a metal boat cover:

  • Broad uses: Metal boat covers or boat sheds can be found in a vast range of sizes. It’s basically an oversized meta shed that can fit a boat or RV. The cool thing is, you can use the port like a workshop and make any repairs you need over the winter!
  • Lastingness: Metal boat carports are lasting and more durable than structures made up of wood. The metal doesn’t deteriorate such as timber or split upon marginally excessive strain. Metal can be sturdy and could carry heavier loads. The building’s elements made of bolts and strengths nuts. Warping, termites, and sterile decay can all impact wooden structures, whereas metal buildings do not influence by these issues. Additionally, metal covers do not endure the probability to be burnt by flame in comparison with a wooden cover.
  • DIY Kits: Metal boat covers can also be readily available as do-it-yourself kits, and in case a person wants to get and find a ready-made futon set up it is also possible.
  • Portability:  Boat ports can be transferred from 1 location to the next.
Metal Boat Carport

Metal Boat Carport

How To Winterize An Outboard Engine

  1. Start with changing the oil of your small outboard motor.
  2. Wipe off the current coolant. Fill your motor with antifreeze but be sure to dilute, if required. This step protects the motor parts from freezing in the winter.
  3. Spray fogging oil on the moving parts of your motor.
  4. Your drive belts can crack from stress, remove them entirely before storing your motor in a storage shed.
  5. Disconnect your battery. Store the battery in a clean and dry place.

For sailors up north, winterizing your sailboat is a depressing, but a necessary time of the season. Take the fall to upgrade or repair your sailboat and consider extending your season by creating a work area with a metal boatport!