How To Sell A Sailboat

The world of boating is undoubtedly a huge one. Newer and fancier boats come on board every now and then. True, you loved, probably still love, your sailboat but there is this new sailboat that caught your fancy. Your boat now seems old and ‘outdated.’ All you want right now is the new sailboat, which invariably means that you would have to put up your old sailboat for sale. Yeah, I have been there.

The truth is that there will always be a new boat that is better than the one you already own. And it is only normal to want to change her after a few years.

While that sounds fun and easy just as a walk in the park – you put up your old boat for sale, a fellow boater comes to claim it and you are good to go – in reality, the entire process involved is quite stressful and may be daunting even.

Imagine having your boat stay stagnant for a long period of time just because you are yet to get a buyer. Scary, right? I know.

To sell a sailboat can be pretty much of a hassle if you do not follow the necessary procedures. It takes more than simply hanging a ‘for sale’ sign on your sailboat. This is a fact that most boaters ignore, which makes selling a sailboat an unpleasant experience that they wouldn’t want to be involved in.

But it doesn’t have to be scary and stressful. Whether you hire a private broker or choose to sell it yourself, there are a few tips that would help make the entire process stress-free.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

No One Wants A Dirty Sailboat

The first and most important thing you should know is that sailors love clean, shiny sailboats. Remember when you bought her, was she looking uncared for? If you were the buyer, would you purchase such a sailboat? If the answer is negative then do not put up the ‘sailboat for sale’ sign because no sailor will opt for such a boat. Be sure to make her shine. Cleanup every part of the sailboat. Make her spotless and attractive!

Clear Out Your Personal Belongings

True, the sailboat is still yours but you want her to be attractive so that anyone would desire to keep her. Trust me, having the sailboat cluttered with your personal items is no way to attract a buyer. A buyer wants to envision himself as the owner of the vessel. This is almost impossible with ‘you’ written all over her. Also, cluttering the sailboat with your personal item makes the sailboat look small. Not enough space may discourage the buyer from proceeding with the purchase, when in fact, the sailboat is spacious but cluttered with your personal items. Therefore, it is advisable to clear out all your personal items when you are ready to sell a sailboat.

Make It Appealing For The Internet

Selling a sailboat online is a great strategy to attract a wider audience of buyers. Thus, to sell a sailboat faster, make sure you dress it up for the internet. Take quality, attractive photos that would make her irresistible. Besides making it as elegant as possible, be sure to update the history of the boat. Buyers want to know about the sailboat before buying her. Some of the necessary information includes upgrade made since you got the boat, the exact date that you bought the sailboat, the parts that make up the boat? etc.

Make The Necessary Repairs Or Replacement

Endeavor to make the necessary repairs before putting the sailboat for sale. Making the necessary repairs or replacement is a good way to make the boat attractive. While this may seem costly, it is actually a means to upsell the boat. A sailboat in good working condition will attract more buyers and that increases your chances to sell the boat at a higher price.

Price It Right

Okay, I cannot emphasize this enough. It is not enough to attract buyers; you have to close the deal. And this is where pricing comes into play. Price it right! There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to pricing but you should be mindful of the pricing. You would scare off prospective buyers by making it too pricey. Therefore, it is important to look up the pricing range online and check out your competitors’ pricing before settling on a price. Do not make it too pricey to scare off prospective buyers and do not downplay your pricing to a stage you gain nothing from the sale. Price it right!